Pet Adoption Center in Peachtree City, GA


If you are looking for a new pet and want to make sure you adopt the right one for your home here at Balmoral Village, you should consider adopting a shelter pet. Shelter pets are lovable pets looking for a home that, if they don't receive, may face unfortunate ends. Because of this, it is always recommended to look at shelter pets before considering a pet … [Read more...]

Tips for Healthier Grilling in Peachtree City, GA


This summer if you are planning for a barbecue party in our Balmoral Village apartments in Peachtree City GA, it is definitely a grand idea. After all, summers are the time to enjoy parties with friends and family. However, while grilling your meat make sure that you do it the healthy way to add to the fun of your party. Here are some tips: Burgers have … [Read more...]

Keep Your Dog Protected from the Sun This Summer

Should I Cut my Dog's Hair for the Summer?

We see many big, furry dogs living here at Balmoral Village, and many people are concerned that they will just get too hot this summer. Before you take your pooch to the groomer to have them shaved down consider these little known facts. Dogs don’t cool off the same way we do. Instead of evaporating sweat on their skin, most of their heat is … [Read more...]

Tasty Ways to Beat the Heat in PTC

peachtree city ice cream

The first day of summer is still about a month away, but the heat is already here. Stop sweating and go to your favorite ice cream shop in Peachtree City for a delicious taste of your the classic frozen treat. Whether you like ice cream, Italian ice, frozen yogurt or an equally chilly alternative, you have several delicious choices near Balmoral … [Read more...]

Pack the Right Lunch for a Perfect Picnic in PTC

Enjoy a great day outside with a delicious picnic.

Celebrating a beautiful spring day isn't quite complete unless you've enjoyed a nice relaxing picnic. Pack up all the essentials, grab your loved one by the hand and find a nice romantic spot surrounded by nature to enjoy a blue sky, some great food and each other's company. When planning your picnic, the biggest obstacle you need to work out is what food … [Read more...]