Ways to Volunteer in Peachtree City and Give Back to Your Community


There are some great volunteer opportunities all around our apartments in Peachtree City, which make it easy to give back to the community. If you love animals check out the opportunities at Fayette County Humane Society. There are many ways to help out here including working in the cat care room, transporting animals, fundraising, helping with their … [Read more...]

Peachtree City Restaurant Spotlight: Pascal’s Bistro

salmon filet

Living at our Peachtree City apartments at the beautiful Balmoral Village apartment community has certain advantages. Among them is the fact that there are many wonderful restaurants in the area where you can grab a delicious gourmet meal on the go. If you are interested in truly tasty American cuisine, one of the best restaurants to visit is Pascal's … [Read more...]

Spotlight: Balmoral Village Community Amenities

southern food

Residents of our Peachtree City apartment  community are within close proximity to a number of local eateries and restaurants. In particular, Fork in the Road Cafe & Catering is a great place to enjoy some genuine southern culture and food. Fork in the Road is a restaurant that was founded by Peachtree City natives wishing to provide an authentic … [Read more...]

Pet Adoption Center in Peachtree City, GA


If you are looking for a new pet and want to make sure you adopt the right one for your home here at Balmoral Village, you should consider adopting a shelter pet. Shelter pets are lovable pets looking for a home that, if they don't receive, may face unfortunate ends. Because of this, it is always recommended to look at shelter pets before considering a pet … [Read more...]

Keep Your Dog Protected from the Sun This Summer

Should I Cut my Dog's Hair for the Summer?

We see many big, furry dogs living here at Balmoral Village, and many people are concerned that they will just get too hot this summer. Before you take your pooch to the groomer to have them shaved down consider these little known facts. Dogs don’t cool off the same way we do. Instead of evaporating sweat on their skin, most of their heat is … [Read more...]