Greek Fest 2011 at Falcon Field Airport

Greek Fest Peachtree City   … [Read more...]

Footloose Comes To the Fred

Stage performance of Footloose

Kevin Bacon taught me how to dance. Not personally, of course.  But having seen the movie Footloose a number of times I am slightly embarrassed to acknowledge, the upcoming Twilight Theatre performance of the beloved story is definitely on my to-do list. The production will feature Twilight Theatre newcomer Allie Duncan as lead Ariele Moore.  Duncan … [Read more...]

A Peachtree City Fairty-Tale at The Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea Party girls

Every girl has wanted to be a princess before! The thrill of pretty dresses, royal treatment, and the ability to talk to woodland animals would be appealing to any little lady. Not to mention the promise of a prince charming in the future. You can introduce your little princess to the real deal at “The Princess Tea Party”. You’ll meet 10 beautiful … [Read more...]