Remove Bumps and Dents with Body Magic Inc. in Peachtree City

Mangled car bumper

While you are out and about looking for and exploring things to do in Peachtree City, you should always be careful. Should you be unfortunate enough to get into a fender bender, you need to call Body Magic Inc. on Dividend Drive. This full-service, top-notch, integrity-based auto body shop is the best business in town to go for both the estimate on … [Read more...]

Put your Pet Up at Greenwood Kennels During Your Next Trip


The Balmoral Village apartment community is an ideal place to live, especially if you have a pet. Just minutes away from our apartments in Peachtree City, GA is Greenwood Kennels, where you can bring your dog or cat if you are planning on going away and need someone to care for them. Greenwood Kennels is the ideal place to bring your pet if you need … [Read more...]

Pet Adoption Center in Peachtree City, GA


If you are looking for a new pet and want to make sure you adopt the right one for your home here at Balmoral Village, you should consider adopting a shelter pet. Shelter pets are lovable pets looking for a home that, if they don't receive, may face unfortunate ends. Because of this, it is always recommended to look at shelter pets before considering a pet … [Read more...]

Tips for Healthier Grilling in Peachtree City, GA


This summer if you are planning for a barbecue party in our Balmoral Village apartments in Peachtree City GA, it is definitely a grand idea. After all, summers are the time to enjoy parties with friends and family. However, while grilling your meat make sure that you do it the healthy way to add to the fun of your party. Here are some tips: Burgers have … [Read more...]

Get the Freshest Food at the Peachtree City Farmers’ Market

Peachtree City Farmers' Market

If you are tired of shopping for groceries at the local grocery stores by your Peachtree City Apartments, you are in luck as the Peachtree City Farmers' MarketĀ is now open for business. This way, you don't have to worry about where your produce is coming from or where the money is going, as everything is locally grown. The farmers' market near Balmoral … [Read more...]