Pick a Great Pot for Your Container Garden

Here are some nice tips for anyone interested in fostering a container garden here at your Peachtree City luxury apartment. Source: MorgueFile

Now that you live in a Peachtree City apartment with a patio, make the most of it. Create a beautiful outdoor container garden. In a few months, it’ll be the perfect space for a springtime barbecue or a summer read. Check out these potting tips to get started. Choose containers that can both hold soil and drain well. If you decide to grow plants out … [Read more...]

Play Laser Tag at Urban Jungle in Peachtree City

Urban Jungle is one of the best places to play laser tag around your Peachtree City luxury apartment community.   Source: Facebook

Are you looking for a little excitement to kick off your weekend? Grab some friends and make your way to laser tag in Peachtree City. Urban Jungle is your destination for fun and entertainment in Peachtree City. The laser tag arena is 4600 square feet of space to spread out and plot your moves. When you finish your game, keep the laser fun going. The laser … [Read more...]

Train Your Dog While Playing Hide and Seek

Here are some handy pet training tips for anyone with a puppy or adult dog here at your Peachtree City luxury apartment community. Source: MorgueFile

Now that you’ve brought a new puppy home to your pet friendly Peachtree City apartment, you’re probably starting to realize that training a puppy isn’t all fun and games. However, if you’re having trouble teaching your pup new tricks, there’s one game that may actually help quite a bit. Read on to learn how you can incorporate hide and seek … [Read more...]

Join the Breast Cancer 1-Day Walk

Breast Cancer 1 Day Walk

Research shows that volunteering or doing something for the benefit of someone else actually has positive effects for the volunteer. If you are looking for a way to make a difference, consider attending the breast cancer walk in Peachtree City, near our luxury apartments. Hosted by the Breast Cancer Survivors' Network, the fifth annual Breast Cancer … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Dog Proof Your Peachtree City Luxury Apt

Here are some tips to help you "dog-proof" your Peachtree City luxury apartment before you bring your puppy or adult dog home for the first time. Source: Imgembed

There is something comforting about sharing your home with a furry friend. If you plan on getting a new pet, follow these simple tips to help dog proof your apartment. Restricting your pet's access to only certain rooms helps to limit the mess, accidents, and damage that a new puppy can cause. Get into the habit of closing doors to all of the rooms … [Read more...]