Spend Father’s Day on the Golf Course with Dad in Peachtree City

father's day golf

Father's Day is just around the corner, and you will want to finalize your plans soon. You will find a nearly infinite selection of ideas to choose from for your dad's big day, but if you want to do something he will truly enjoy, treat him to a round of golf at a course nearby. There are several golf courses in town that can accommodate a father and … [Read more...]

Get the Freshest Food at the Peachtree City Farmers’ Market

Peachtree City Farmers' Market

If you are tired of shopping for groceries at the local grocery stores by your Peachtree City Apartments, you are in luck as the Peachtree City Farmers' Market is now open for business. This way, you don't have to worry about where your produce is coming from or where the money is going, as everything is locally grown. The farmers' market near Balmoral … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Fun at Balmoral Village

Memorial Day at Balmoral Village

The warmer weather means that it is almost time to cool off in the fabulous outdoor pool at Balmoral Village. Although we have had a heated pool ready to use all winter long, many people are excited to take a dip under the sun to cool off. The pool’s opening day is just days away now. You will be able to wade into the shimmering waters just in time for … [Read more...]

Keep Your Dog Protected from the Sun This Summer

Should I Cut my Dog's Hair for the Summer?

We see many big, furry dogs living here at Balmoral Village, and many people are concerned that they will just get too hot this summer. Before you take your pooch to the groomer to have them shaved down consider these little known facts. Dogs don’t cool off the same way we do. Instead of evaporating sweat on their skin, most of their heat is … [Read more...]

Tasty Ways to Beat the Heat in PTC

peachtree city ice cream

The first day of summer is still about a month away, but the heat is already here. Stop sweating and go to your favorite ice cream shop in Peachtree City for a delicious taste of your the classic frozen treat. Whether you like ice cream, Italian ice, frozen yogurt or an equally chilly alternative, you have several delicious choices near Balmoral … [Read more...]