Learn About WWII at the Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing

The Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing Museum was designed to bring a collection of American military aircraft to the public. Source: Facebook

Take a look at a piece of American History, right here in Peachtree City. Events and exhibits at this local museum bring aviation history to life. The Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing Museum was designed to bring a collection of American military aircraft to the public. Exhibits teach the history of aviation, while the uncovered and preserved aircraft … [Read more...]

Don Your Tartan for the Stone Mountain Highland Games

The 42nd Annual Stone Mountain Highland Games runs from day, October 17th, through Sunday, October 19th at Stone Mountain Park.  Source: Facebook

This fall is the 42nd Annual Stone Mountain Highland Games, a competitive festival celebrating Scottish heritage. One of the most popular events of the Highland Games is "The Highland Heavies." Over two days, athletes will be competing at the hammer throw, the weight toss, the stone of strength, and the caber toss. The Highland Games are more than just … [Read more...]

Teach Your Dog to Calm Down Before Handing Out Treats

Here are some dog-training tips for whenever you want to reward your pooch with treats.  Source: everystockphoto

If you’ve been giving your dog treats when he’s excited, you may have been unknowingly reinforcing his behavior. Teaching your dog to calm down before giving him a treat can help him learn to be calm in other situations. Here are a few tips for handing out treats to your dog. Only Give Treats When Fido is Calm: Never give your dog treats or attention … [Read more...]

Help Your Dog Learn with Praise and Treats

Here are some more dog-training tips for everyone here at your pet-friendly Peachtree City apartment community. Source: morgueFile

Obedience training is key to ensuring you and your dog have a long, wonderful life together. The Humane Society has compiled these tips to make your training easier and more effective: When you want to encourage your dog's behavior, timing is key. Rewards must come immediately or your dog won't link the reward with the behavior. If you command your dog … [Read more...]

Taste Fresh Mediterranean Cuisine at The Beirut

The Beirut boasts some of the tastiest Lebanese cuisine found around your Peachtree City apartment community.  Source: Facebook

The Beirut offers authentic Lebanese food made from family recipes with fresh ingredients. The food is healthy and it caters to a wide variety of palates and tastes, including vegetarians. The menu has traditional Mediterranean favorites like baba ghannouj, tabouli and hummus. There are also menu items you might be less familiar with like foul mudammas. … [Read more...]