Shop for Instruments at Music and Arts

music-and-artsEveryone has a passion for music.  Whether it be listening or playing, music touches each of us in a variety of ways.  Having a musical talent is something that should be embraced and what better way to nurture your or your loved ones talents than with a new instrument!  Residents living in our Balmoral Village apartments in Peachtree City, GA have the wonderful opportunity to shop for instruments of all types at the fabulous Music & Arts.

Music & Arts is one of the largest musical facilities in the state.  Offering not only a wide variety of instruments for sale or rent, but many other things as well, Music & Arts is your one stop shop for all your musical needs.  Lessons, instrument repairs and a fine selection of instruments are just some of the amenities offered by Music & Arts.  Instruments are available for rent or purchase and range from percussion, woodwind and brass, to keyboards, accessories and much more.

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