Try Bike Racing at Peachtree City BMX

Playtime best exemplifies summer, as children and teenagers alike set aside their books, pens and paper for a visit to the playground, urban park or other outdoor place. If you love to ride bikes, then this activity is for you. And it is conveniently located near our Balmoral Village apartments in Peachtree City, GA, so a few minutes ride can do the trick.


Peachtree City BMX gathers the best and the most skillful BMX riders throughout Peachtree City for a series of races designed for the friendly spirit of competition. There are scheduled races and open races for people of late childhood age and beyond.

For the open race, there are different bike classes depending on age and riding experience. In addition, they also provide BMX racing clinics for aspiring riders, as well as practices in preparation for any race. The apartments in Peachtree City, GA are a close proximity to the race center, so you will have no problem reaching the area in a few minutes.

For more information about the races, registration and racing clinics, go to the Peachtree City BMX site here, and experience biking like no other.  Share your BMX experiences with us on Facebook!