Tips for Healthier Grilling in Peachtree City, GA

grilling-tips-peachtree-cityThis summer if you are planning for a barbecue party in our Balmoral Village apartments in Peachtree City GA, it is definitely a grand idea. After all, summers are the time to enjoy parties with friends and family. However, while grilling your meat make sure that you do it the healthy way to add to the fun of your party. Here are some tips:

  • Burgers have been voted the most favorite of grilled food which is high in saturated fat (9 grams). So, how about grilling it the healthy way? Opt for lean-beef, turkey, salmon or simple veggie-burgers that have much lower calories than the ground beef burger which has almost 300 calories.
  • Choosing whole grain buns will definitely be a healthier choice over processed ones as it will have more fiber, mineral and Vitamin E. Whole grain pitas also have lower calories than bulky buns.
  •  Choose your sauces judiciously. BBQ sauces are excellent for adding flavors, however opt for the ones with tomatoes and not with high sugar and fructose corn syrup as the main ingredient.

Making these simple changes to your much cherished burger will have immense health benefits. Why not try them out in your apartments in Peachtree city GA? Share your tasty creations with us on Facebook!

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