Get the Freshest Food at the Peachtree City Farmers’ Market

Peachtree City Farmers' Market
Fresh produce, local crafts and more are waiting for you at the Peachtree City Farmers Market.

If you are tired of shopping for groceries at the local grocery stores by your Peachtree City Apartments, you are in luck as the Peachtree City Farmers’ Market is now open for business. This way, you don’t have to worry about where your produce is coming from or where the money is going, as everything is locally grown.

The farmers’ market near Balmoral Village is open on both Wednesday and Saturday, so if you have a day off, feel free to check out all the produce they offer. You can help the farmers in the area, and get the freshest and best tasting foods at the same time.

Several community gardens can be found in the area, where you can help tend and plant gardens for everyone in the community to enjoy. This is a great way to give back, not only to the area, but those who are less fortunate than you.

Let us know about your best finds at the farmers’ market on the Balmoral Village Facebook Page.


Photo: Peachtree City Farmers’ Market