Keep Your Dog Protected from the Sun This Summer

Should I Cut my Dog's Hair for the Summer?
Read this before you take your dog to the groomer for a summer shave.

We see many big, furry dogs living here at Balmoral Village, and many people are concerned that they will just get too hot this summer. Before you take your pooch to the groomer to have them shaved down consider these little known facts.

  • Dogs don’t cool off the same way we do. Instead of evaporating sweat on their skin, most of their heat is released by panting.
  • Their summer coats have special traits that reflect the sun and insulate their bodies from additional heat. If you cut off their fur, you remove their protection from the sun.
  • Loose fur and tangles in their coat can trap in extra heat. Brush them regularly to prevent this from happening.
  • If you do decide to shave them down, leave at least an inch of fur to protect their skin from the sun. Light-colored dogs and short haired dogs are more prone to sunburns, so if you plan on spending time outside, use sunscreen on exposed areas.

We hope you and your whole family have a fun and safe summer.

Source: Healthy Pet