Pack the Right Lunch for a Perfect Picnic in PTC

Enjoy a great day outside with a delicious picnic.

Celebrating a beautiful spring day isn’t quite complete unless you’ve enjoyed a nice relaxing picnic. Pack up all the essentials, grab your loved one by the hand and find a nice romantic spot surrounded by nature to enjoy a blue sky, some great food and each other’s company.

When planning your picnic, the biggest obstacle you need to work out is what food will you enjoy. You want to pack foods that are easy to eat but not boring. Ideally, your menu should consist of foods you can eat with your hands or just a fork like sandwiches and salads.

Before you slap a slice of ham and individually wrapped slice of cheese on two pieces of white bread, consider some of these great wraps and sandwiches from Taste of Home. They make the perfect picnic food without sacrificing flavor.

In the same vein, your salads should be more than lettuce topped with ranch dressing. You can make a variety of pasta salads, potato salads, fruit salads as well as some more traditional green salads. Here are some more recipes from Taste of Home to fill your salad needs.

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Photo: johnnyberg