Pack the Right Lunch for a Perfect Picnic in PTC

Enjoy a great day outside with a delicious picnic.

Celebrating a beautiful spring day isn't quite complete unless you've enjoyed a nice relaxing picnic. Pack up all the essentials, grab your loved one by the hand and find a nice romantic spot surrounded by nature to enjoy a blue sky, some great food and each other's company. When planning your picnic, the biggest obstacle you need to work out is what food … [Read more...]

Music Midtown Will Be Back in 2012

One of the biggest and best music festivals in Atlanta will be back later this year.

The Music Midtown Festival finally returned from a five-year hiatus last year, and due to its success, it will return again this year. The festival isn’t scheduled until September, but big names have already attached themselves to the event. The festival has been extended to a two-day affair after being condensed to only one day in 2011. Nationally … [Read more...]

Don’t Be the Last One to See This Year’s Hottest Movies


The summer movie season has started early this year with the release of The Hunger Games. In the weeks following its release, the water coolers were abuzz with people chatting about their impressions and favorite scenes.   Don’t let this type of chatter ruin the blockbuster movies for you; be one of the first in line for the upcoming summer … [Read more...]

Falcons’ Scheduled Announced a Week Before Draft

The 2012 schedule for the Atlanta Falcons has been announced.

To some, it doesn’t matter that the sun is out, and the weather is perfect for a day outside, they can’t wait for fall when football season begins again. To help you get excited for the 2012 NFL season, the Falcons’ schedule has just been released. The Falcons’ season starts on September 9 when they fly to Arrowhead Stadium to take on the Chiefs, … [Read more...]

Dinner Party Ideas for Your Apartment


We don’t have an opportunity to get together with our friends in a small and intimate environment very often. Throw a small dinner party and invite your friends over for a fun night of laughing, chatting and food. The Kitchn has several great ideas that can help you through a successful dinner party at Balmoral Village.   Drink Recipe: … [Read more...]