Stay Sniffle-Free Despite High Pollen Count

Avoid the sniffles and sneezes of allergy season with these tips.

A pollen count is considered high when it exceeds 1,500 particles per cubic meter; yesterday the pollen count in Atlanta was almost 9,400 particles per cubic meter, according to WXIA-TV. These numbers can be a nightmare for anyone with seasonal allergies.

Here are some tips from National Allergies to help you get through the allergy season.

Although opening your doors and windows this time of year might help you save on air conditioning costs, it can bring more pollen into your home. Instead keep your doors and windows shut, and make sure your filters are replaced and vents are clean.

Pollen and other allergens can become trapped in your hair or the fibers of your clothing, so when you get home after spending time outside, shower off and put on some clean clothes.

Your pet can also trap pollen in his or her fur. Be sure to wipe them down when you get home and bathe them often. Avoid letting them on your furniture during these months; they can easily transfer allergens to the fibers of your furniture.

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