Get Your Extra Bedroom Ready for Holiday Guests

A luggage rack is a small investment that will help your guests feel comfortable.

With Thanksgiving next week and the rest of the holidays just around the corner, many of us will have guests that will be staying for several days. To make sure that you guests feel comfortable during their stay, follow these simple tips from Good Housekeeping.

First make sure that the room where they are staying is free of clutter. Your holiday guests need space to set their luggage, kick off their shoes and store their keys, so make sure that your clutter is out of their way.

Many guests don’t feel comfortable completely unpacking and you might not want them rifling through your closets and drawers. Setting up a couple luggage racks and invest in a few simple clothes hooks that can hang on the door can go a long way towards making your guests feel comfortable without forcing them to settle in.

The Balmoral Village hopes you have a great holiday season.