Beware of Thanksgiving Dangers for Your Pets

dogs at Thanksiging
Don't let your puppy convince your to give him something that will make him sick.

With Thanksgiving a couple weeks away many people in your household are anticipating a delicious turkey dinner, including some of the furrier members of your home. Although your pets may want a plate of their own and the dinner table, you should be aware that some Thanksgiving treats could have deadly consequences for them.

If you do decide to give them a taste of turkey, make sure it is boneless and skinless. Turkey bones can splinter as they chew them and cause devastating internal injuries as they are ingested. Rich, fatty foods like turkey skin, gravy and similar foods can make them ill.

Make sure they skip dessert. Bread dough can expand in their stomachs and lead to life threatening situations like bloat. They should also cakes, especially if it includes raw eggs or chocolate.

Even your traditional stuffing or dressing could lead to problems. A dog’s stomach is more sensitive than ours, and it could easily get upset by may herbs and spices that are baked in. ingredients like grapes, raisins, nuts and onions can lead to deadly illnesses.

Balmoral Village hopes you and your entire family have a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving this year.


Source: ASPCA

Photo Credit: jeffreyw