Haunted House at the PTC Fire Station

Fire Department Haunted House Flyer

Things are getting spooking in Peachtree City! If you're up for a fright (and think you can handle it), there are some fun haunted attractions and Halloween festivities happening around the city. Make sure you don't miss out on both the tricks and the treats this year at the Fire Department Haunted House. Stop by Leach Fire Station 81 on Friday, October 28 … [Read more...]

Adoptable Pets in Peachtree City


Balmoral Village is a pet-friendly community, so why don't you make your home a loving environment with a pet of your own? There are so many loving, friendly, social animals out there without homes that would love to be your apartment roommate. Each month, I'll feature a couple of adoptable pets around Peachtree City that you can take home and love on all … [Read more...]

“Not So Frightful” Storytelling and Halloween Party

puppet with pumpkin

Not all parts of Halloween should be bone-chilling scary! Too much haunted Halloween fun is not worth the nightmares, especially for the little ones. That's why Peachtree City is proud to celebrate the 3rd Annual "Not So Frightful" Storytelling and Halloween Party on Saturday, October 29. Held at the Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater (aka “The Fred”), … [Read more...]

Take Your Sweetie Out of the House for a Date

coffee heart

What’s the best thing to do when the weather outside is unseasonably cold? Yes, shopping for warmer clothes and sipping hot drinks are a couple of remedies, but doing them with your significant other is much more rewarding than doing these things alone. And when was the last time you actually invited your other half out for a day or evening date? Possibly … [Read more...]

Autumn Grilling Tips for Balmoral Village

grilled veggies

Here’s a great fall idea! Before the weather gets too chilly, warm up at the barbecue pit while grilling some delicious autumn goodies. No, I don’t mean like baking cookies (though I’m sure it can be done). You can keep the summer trend going with fall produce favorites like pumpkin, squash, corn, and zucchini. Toss them on the grill together or with … [Read more...]