Great Air Show 10/8

Air showI loved planes as a kid.  Judging by my niece and nephew’s euphoria at the sight of a passing jet, or a blinking 747 soaring by in the night sky, I have realized that my fondness for aviation is pretty common.

If you’re looking for a fun, family friendly activity around Peachtree City on October 8 and 9, consider heading out to Atlanta Regional Airport’s Falcon Field for the annual Great Georgia Air Show!  Not only will you get to see the Heavy Metal Jet Team maneuver through the air with seemingly magical precision, but there will also be a ton of other flight-related activities, like simulators, inflatables and historical tales of the world’s most famous aviation pioneers.

Though you can’t bring your own cooler to the event, there will be lots of non-profit vendors offering treats to keep your energy up throughout the show, and even a kid-sized tennis court sponsored by the U.S. Tennis Association to give the children a chance to run around a bit between performances.

If you’re interested in going to the Great Georgia Air Show, you can buy tickets until October 7, or you can grab them at the gate.

If you take any great photos of the show, make sure to share them on our Facebook page!