Geocaching in Peachtree City

GPS receivers from Trimble, Garmin und Leica
GPS Receiver devices.

There’s a new way to treasure hunt in Georgia. Well, it’s not exactly new, but it blows parchment pirate maps out of the water. (Get it? Pirates. Water.) Geocaching!

Welcome to the technological age where treasure hunting can be done with a more modern GPS device. You never know what natural, mysterious, and fun treasures you can find just from exploring the neighborhood. Peachtree City has at least 70 caches along the 90-miles of cart and walking paths.

For starters, you’ll need a simple GPS device, or you can download a geocaching app on your mobile phone. Then, let the games begin! Use your device to find items left behind or highlighted by other travelers and geocachers in Gerogia. You can get the coordinates from Georgia Geochachers Association website and learn how to set your own fun caches in the right places.

Have you been geocaching lately and come across some interesting treasures? Share your experience with us and maybe find some fellow geocachers in Balmoral Village to enjoy a great treasure hunt with.