Great Bars in Peachtree City

Beer bottles lined up on a shelf

Despite Peachtree City’s proximity to Atlanta, you don’t necessarily have to jump on I-75 every time you want to head out for a night on the town.  There are plenty of places in PTC serving up cold drinks at reasonable prices - you just have to know where to look. We’ve compiled a list of a few favorites, but make sure to comment and let us know if … [Read more...]

Footloose Comes To the Fred

Stage performance of Footloose

Kevin Bacon taught me how to dance. Not personally, of course.  But having seen the movie Footloose a number of times I am slightly embarrassed to acknowledge, the upcoming Twilight Theatre performance of the beloved story is definitely on my to-do list. The production will feature Twilight Theatre newcomer Allie Duncan as lead Ariele Moore.  Duncan … [Read more...]

Geocaching in Peachtree City


There's a new way to treasure hunt in Georgia. Well, it's not exactly new, but it blows parchment pirate maps out of the water. (Get it? Pirates. Water.) Geocaching! Welcome to the technological age where treasure hunting can be done with a more modern GPS device. You never know what natural, mysterious, and fun treasures you can find just from exploring … [Read more...]

Keeping Even Cooling to Save Summer Money

yellow fan

Imagine my horror when I opened last month's energy bill and saw three digits!!! Now, I'm just one person in an apartment, but living on the top floor and wanting to be comfortable during the hot and humid Georgia evenings has definitely put a strain on my energy bill this summer. It also doesn't help that I forget to raise the temperature on my … [Read more...]

Football Fans Unite At a Sports Bar Near Balmoral Village

football helmet and football

Getting hyped for football season? No matter what your school colors are, who your pro team picks would be, or which fandom obsession you follow, the one thing every fan has in common is their love of watching their team run to victory. It's even better to watch with other fans, and maybe even a few rivals, on a high definition TV. Peachtree City is … [Read more...]