A Peachtree City Fairty-Tale at The Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea Party girls

Every girl has wanted to be a princess before! The thrill of pretty dresses, royal treatment, and the ability to talk to woodland animals would be appealing to any little lady. Not to mention the promise of a prince charming in the future. You can introduce your little princess to the real deal at “The Princess Tea Party”. You’ll meet 10 beautiful … [Read more...]

National Night Out in Peachtree City

See fire trucks and other emergency vehicles at National Night Out on August 2.

I’ve always thought it was unfortunate that once the summer really started to get its hottest was when school started up again. It might actually work out in everyone’s favor since your kids can spend the day in a cool, air-conditioned classroom. Peachtree City Schools start Monday, August 8, but to most kids, it that Monday marks the end of summer fun … [Read more...]

Clothes Less Traveled Buys, Sells, and Saves Secondhand

jacket with patchwork heart

I wouldn’t consider myself a fashionista, but I’m a sucker for shoes! In my opinion, a good pair of shoes can make an outfit look fresh and new, no matter how many times you’ve worn it before. That’s good for me because I am really fond of holding onto the same articles of clothes and shoes for much longer than the average person. However, … [Read more...]

Doggie Daycares Around Peachtree City

little dog in car trunk

  I love puppies, especially my sister’s Yorkie, Chanel! I love her so much that I agreed to watch her in my apartment this weekend…which rolled into this week. Thank goodness for pet-friendly apartments like Balmoral Village with its new Bark Park and great trails for walking! I’m also thankful that I don’t have to walk very far for … [Read more...]

Explore the Peachtree City Paths

kids in back of golfcart

As a Peachtree City resident, you are probably more than familiar with the smooth network of golf cart paths winding through the city. Over 90 miles of paved paths connect the many communities, parks, schools, shopping and local businesses in the city. You can travel almost anywhere just by hopping on the path system. Golf carts are not the only wheels … [Read more...]