Make a Summer Haven on Your Patio Balcony

Between summer storms and summer sunshine, you might be getting wary about putting stock into your patio furniture at Balmoral Village. However, if you’re familiar with storms in the South (or have just been paying attention over the past few months), even the strong storms blow through pretty fast and are likely to leave an evening even more beautiful … [Read more...]

Peachtree City Pro Golf Treatment

Is your dad a golfer? Is he always bragging about that hole-in-one he scored way back in his earlier years? Give him the chance to swing again by spending Father’s Day with him at one of the nearby golf courses, driving ranges, and county clubs around Peachtree City. The refreshing outdoor scene with acres of generous fairway is a great way to spend time … [Read more...]

Watch the Finals at a Friendly Neighborhood Sports Bar

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Are you keeping up with the Heat this season? Or maybe you’re more of a Maverick when it comes to watching the NBA finals. You don’t want to sit around the house watching the game alone. Get out and find the best place to catch the last games of the season a great sports bar in Peachtree City. Food, fun, and fanatics make up the best locations around … [Read more...]